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I will help you envision, create, and implement a needed change process.  


Organizations and coalitions sometimes need help moving forward at important moments of change. An organization may be searching for a road to recovery after a crisis. Or a community collaboration recognized that it needs to step up to meet a serious challenge such as providing high-volume COVID-19 rental assistance or partnering to roll out a vaccination, mustering greater capacity and intention than in the past. These are junctures when skilled facilitation and planning support can channel collective energy and urgency for change into concrete progress.

Working on my own or on small teams, I have guided many organizations, large and small, in setting goals to achieve their aims. We help clients to surface key issues in order to provide strategy and structure at the outset of a project. We work with clients and their partners to identify and articulate joint priorities. I bring in tools to gather and share input, review relevant lessons from other communities, and help leaders to set key metrics. I bring in specialized experts when that seems right. 

Thank you!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

We are well on our way to implementing some of the solutions identified as a result of your work with us, and there is a palpable sense of renewed energy and enthusiasm for this work around city hall.

 Homelessness staff leader,
Salt Lake City Government, February 2020 

I truly enjoy working with clients to create an open, collaborative learning mutual-learning experience  My varied professional history has given me the skills to create a thorough playbook for teams – and the freedom to work beyond it when needed.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs.

Current Projects

Building Capacity and Strategy to Meet Growing Need for Lynn MA


Lynn is one of the Massachusetts communities which has been hardest hit by COVID-19.  I’m helping leaders and staff at the Family Success Center of the Lynn Housing Authority to understand and implement a federal Emergency Solutions Grant program tied to homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing.  We are also working on data-system solutions to help staff keep track of applicants’ assistance and status, and working on community collaborations to bring needed help to residents in need.   

Collaborative Planning and Grant Support for Somerville MA 

I’m working with consulting partner Andrea Miller to support the City and its nonprofit partners in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, building skills and understanding of federal homelessness/rental assistance programs, using local data to guide planning and investment, and working collaboratively in new ways after the local Continuum of Care merged with the Balance of State.   

Previous Projects

Helping Create a Balance of State Continuum of Care – State of Maryland 

In 2019-2020 I helped state and community leaders to create and launch a new Balance of State Continuums of Care. These collaborative entities connect different areas of the state into a collective structure for decision-making, planning and resource allocation related to HUD and other public funds.  The greater capacity generally brings more funding and housing opportunities into the participating communities.  This HUD-funded project worked out extremely well, as following several years of discussion, leaders were ready and eager for change.   

Strengthening Rapid Rehousing in St. Louis

In November-December 2019, I led a team of Cloudburst experts in an assessment and skill-building engagement for the City of St. Louis. We helped the City and its nonprofit partners to improve their understanding of rapid rehousing “best practices,” identify ways to make policies and procedures clearer and more consistent, and review their own data to identify strengths to build on and areas in need of improvement.

Our team of regulatory, program-design and data analytics experts are ready to repeat this value-add intervention in other communities wondering how to improve their rapid rehousing outcomes.  

Gearing up to Address Encampments in Salt Lake City

In February 2020 I co-led a two-day community planning process in Salt Lake City. The work culminated in their developing a thoughtful, stakeholder-involved plan to dismantle a downtown encampment of persons living without homes.  Drawing on examples from other US communities, Salt Lake’s efforts will involve the public, nonprofit and business sectors in carrying out a transparent, strengths-based effort to link each person to appropriate housing and service options.  

Strategic Planning for Young Children and Families in Manchester NH

In collaboration with Pear Associates, I co-facilitated a 2019 Strategic Planning process for a coalition of agencies serving young children in Manchester, New Hampshire.

There is already a strong active collaboration in place in Manchester, supported by Amoskeag Health, formerly the Manchester Community Health Center. Leaders from state and local government, nonprofits, foundations, and health care collaborated to analyze data on young children, develop and evaluate programming, and identify four key priority areas to address in the next five years.  Click here for a link to LAUNCH MANCHESTER:  Five Year Strategic Plan for Young Children and Families, June 2019.

Cambridge Health Alliance - Community Health Improvement Team

In 2019 I helped the Community Health Improvement team to articulate both the value they add in CHA's operating communities as well as the contribution this team can make as CHA reshapes service delivery toward community members, as required under new federal mandates.


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