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Meet The Problem Solvers

Weekly TV Show and Podcast
We are proud to share that we were named one of CCTV's Producers of the Year, awarded on April 29 at their 2020 Annual Meeting. Since July 2019, our team has produced more than 30 episodes featuring interviews with Problem Solvers across many sectors like suicide recovery, transgender health, homelessness, food security, and much more. We have learned so much and met incredible people along the way. We look forward to sharing what's next for us soon. Thank you to everyone who has made this show possible.

I'm having a blast hosting Meet The Problem Solvers! Experts from a variety of fields teach us about a pressing social problem and its solutions. 

Keep up with the show by checking our website, following our Facebook page, and subscribing to our podcast and Youtube channel.

Since March 23, we have shifted to remotely recorded episodes that focus on the impact of COVID-19 on systems, communities, and individuals. We continue to explore different topics that resonate with our audience and our goal is to be a source of information, communication, and peace during this difficult time.

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