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Assisting five contiguous communities in the St. Louis Area to form a Regional Commission on Homelessness (2017-2018)

Leadership & Team Coaching

I will help you fine-tune your skills to become the leader that the world needs.   I will help your team norm and perform, or gently hit the reset button.

As a boss, as a strategic planning consultant, and as a team leader, I have supervised and supported the growth, confidence, and success of many senior-level as well as early/emerging professionals. I take a friendly, curious approach as we work together to identify barriers, set goals and work toward them. In that same kind inquisitive spirit, we shine a light on ourselves, on the way toward being our better selves.  

I particularly love to help teams to improve their strategic connections, the quality of their communication and, in the words of Craig Weber, build their "conversational capacity."

The path to effective leadership is challenging, on personal and organizational levels.

Judy has been an experienced and worldly guide over the past six years, helping me grow vision, commitment and trust in the capacity to drive irrefutable results." 

- Jamie Taylor, PhD, Founder

Shared Housing Institute

Team Skill Building


Building on training I attended at Harvard's Negotiation Institute, I have offered a team- and skill-building workshop to great reviews. Through role-plays, stories, and on-the-spot feedback, Using Active Listening and Inquiry to Deepen Our Work helps strengthen teams, partnerships, and collaborations.  One- and two-session formats can be offered remotely. Contact me to see whether this could work for your team!  


Interim Leadership 

Between October 2019 and Feb 2020, I served as a part-time "Interim Program Director" for this Cambridge-based organization providing shelter and stabilization services to homeless families.

New managers needed and received support during the year's busy holiday season.  

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